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Something that Shouldn't be Groundbreaking:
A Muse with Their Own Purpose

In this memory play, Warren relives the most important event of his life; meeting Sarah. Before Sarah he was just a writer stuck with chronic writer's block going out into the park for inspiration each day. Now he's writing their love story moment for moment, along the way arguing not only with himself, but with his two muses. The three of them piece together this story while questioning Warren's actions, words, and decisions along the way. Will he give into his lesser instincts and quit, or will he finally finish something?

To Sarah, My Muse tackles the classic concept of a muse head on. No longer is a muse an object of carnal desire that can be easily discarded. This play is motivated by the belief that a muse is a living and breathing person. This person cannot be discarded, because inspiration and love cannot be created or destroyed. 

Come see it's First Staged Reading

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