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Upcoming Work


Benjamin with costar Dorothy Dobkowski in Whom Shall I Send, Spring 2019

Recent Work

Collide by Marita A. McKee

Part of the Downtown Urban Arts Festival on June 22nd, 2023. The city of Ascension is in turmoil after the killing of a Black teenager. A journalist, community activist, and policeman sit down for dinner. Will they find common ground? Or will their personal traumas force them to collide? Collide explores what it truly means to have a seat at the table on issues of racism, social justice, and police brutality.

To Sarah, My Muse

Benjamin wrote a play! Dedicated to his wife Kaitlynn is this reimagining of their love story. In it Benjamin asks the question, What is a muse? For information about the Staged Reading of To Sarah, My Muse click the link below.

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